Free Online Learning

GCF Learn Free:

This is a free online learning website. It is an excellent resource that features tutorials, interactive learning and videos to help you improve your math, reading and writing, computer knowledge and more. We use this website frequently and many of our learners find it very helpful. Learn about social media, computer programs and improve your skills for everyday life.

Digital Learn:

This is a great website for beginners. Learn how to use the internet, do a basic search, use email, and more through interactive tutorials and videos.

Learn to Type:

Never learned how to type correctly? Or maybe you need to brush up on your typing skills. This website is a great resource for beginners or for those who want to practice their typing. Create an account in seconds – all you need to do is think up a username and password. Happy typing!

Khan Academy:

This is a great learning resource for many subjects such as math, science, english and more. You will need to sign in with either your Facebook account or email address. Features interactive tutorials, videos and quizzes.